7/29/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Zimmermann Open House Showcases the FZ33 Compact

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Moldmakers who machine a lot of aluminum or composites can benefit by the compact but large capacity milling machine from Zimmermann.


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Zimmermann USA Inc. held its first open house event at its Wixom, Michigan, headquarters last week. In addition to an abundance of hospitality, the company put a spotlight on its FZ33 Compact milling machine, which is geared toward the moldmaking industry.

In particular, the FZ33c is recommended for mold manufacturers who serve the automotive industry and machine a lot of aluminum alloys or composites. The machine has a compact footprint of 354 inches wide (393 inches including peripheral equipment) by 299 inches deep, but offers a generous working area (X-axis is 98 inches, Y-axis is 118 inches and Z-axis is 49 inches) and fixed table size (98 inches long by 128 inches wide).

In addition to these space-saving elements, customers now have access to U.S.-based maintenance and repair services, including technical support, for some critical machine parts. Zimmermann says it is making itself even more accessible to customers to help them maintain production schedules. 

Partner companies Heidenhain, Siemens, Fischer, Weiss, Haimer, Zoller, Tebis, Mapal, Unisorb and Keller participated at the open house.

The modern, 13,200-square-foot Wixom facility is Zimmerman’s U.S. headquarters and features warehouse space for critical parts like standard spindles, machine heads, cables and other items. There is also a showroom and office space. The facility opened in 2016. Regional service locations can be found in Los Angeles, California, Wichita, Kansas and in Mexico.


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