Zeiss Innovation Rocks Digital Program Launches October 20-29

The program, launching Oct. 20-29, 2020, will bring attendees the company’s latest products, news, technologies and application cases through a series of digital shows and webinars. 


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Zeiss Innovation Rocks: Autumn Edition program

Image courtesy of Zeiss

“The world changed in 2020, and so have we” notes Zeiss Industrial Quality Solutions (Maple Grove, Minn., U.S.). From October 20-29, 2020, the company is launching Zeiss Innovation Rocks: Autumn Edition, the second round of its new program to bring attendees the company’s latest products, news, technologies and application cases through a series of digital shows and webinars. 

Presenting its Innovation Rocks 1-4 in the Spring Edition, Zeiss now invites attendees to its Rocks 5-10 presentations. According to Zeiss, each Rock day provides unique live and on-demand content from Zeiss product managers and experts, as well as Q&A sessions including:

  • Oct. 20 (Rock 5): Zeiss Optical Series, which includes the launch of the company’s optical measuring machine, customer-driven trend discussions on the technology and the latest innovations to boost speed and resolution.
  • Oct. 21 (Rock 6): Zeiss will introduce its new digital microscope featuring MALS technology, provide the fastest and most user-friendly way to do EDOF visual inspection and documentation and boost attendee’s efficiency for technical cleanliness and particle characterization.
  • Oct. 22 (Rock 7): Discover high-speed defect detection—inline and 24/7 and learn how to spot defects on the inside and outside with X-ray and optical technologies.
  • Oct. 27 (Rock 8): Learning how to increase optical measurement speed, get more performance out of attendee’s existing hardware and how to benefit from digital innovations that reduce costs and increase uptime.
  • Oct. 28 (Rock 9): Gain deep insights into the holistic Zeiss eMobility Solutions portfolio for Battery and Fuel Cell Systems, learn more about quality control solutions covering the complete development and manufacturing process and discovering Zeiss’applications from optical to tactile to image processing quality assurance.
  • Oct. 29 (Rock 10): Dive into the new home of 3D metrology, experience the digital hub for makers, engineers and technicians and become a part of Zeiss’ global network and get to know its 3D scanning solutions.

The full agenda can be accessed here. Further, Zeiss offers a 30-minute launch show without registration and the show will also be broadcast in eight different languages. Register for the program or view the ZEISS Innovation Rocks Spring Edition here