1/18/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Westfall Technik Acquires Mold Craft

Originally titled 'Westfall Technik Acquires Mold Craft'
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Westfall Technik expands micro molding expertise with the acquisition of world-class tool maker Mold Craft.

Westfall Technik has acquired Mold Craft, a manufacturer of high-precision injection molds for micro-sized plastic parts and high cavitation applications. The acquisition adds another world-class mold maker to the Westfall portfolio and rounds out the Company’s industry-leading micro molding capabilities for medical device production. 

Mold Craft is one of the world’s premier micro mold manufacturers, successfully molding engineered plastic parts as small as 5 milligrams (.005 g) and micro detail features as small as .004″. Micro molds often require plastic tolerances to ±.001″ resulting in steel tolerances of ±.0001″, which is the culture of quality and precision that Mold Craft employees embrace. 


“We are excited to partner with Westfall Technik in taking Mold Craft to the next level. We will continue providing our customers with the highest quality molds and customer service they’ve come to expect from our team. We look forward to the future with Westfall and being a game-changer in the micro molding industry.” Tim Bartz, CEO Mold Craft



In healthcare and electronics, advanced resins are becoming increasingly more common. Advanced new materials like bioabsorbables, which play an important role in surgical implants, cost thousands of dollars per pound and waste from cold runner scrap or defects adds up quickly.

Less than a month ago, in December 2018, Westfall Technik acquired hot runner and micro molding specialist MHS, including the company’s patented micro molding cells.


“Bringing full-scale, high-volume micro molding in-house was a strategic priority for us because it adds substantial value for our customers. Mold Craft’s unrivalled precision combined with our proprietary runnerless molding technology is a game changer in terms of speed, quality and cost savings. As devices continue to shrink, this will be a key driver for customer success. We are the only company in the industry with an offering like this.” Brian Smith, CEO, Westfall Technik




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