Wepco Plastics' Amanda Wiriya, Receives MAPP Above & Beyond Award

Described as tenacious, adaptive, motivated and committed, Amanda has stepped up to the plate both in her work as manufacturing support manager for Wepco Plastics and as a mother, wife and friend. 


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Wepco Plastics' Amanda Wiriya

Amanda Wiriya, Wepco Plastics’ manufacturing support manager. Photo Credit: Wepco Plastics

The Manufacturers Association for Plastic Processors (MAPP) recently awarded its 2020 Above & Beyond Award to Amanda Wiriya, manufacturing support manager at Wepco Plastics (Middlefield, Connecticut).

The award honors those who go above and beyond in new ways throughout the year; with many trials and tribulations in 2020 and the turbulence that has been potentially detrimental to the culture of many businesses across the country, this award was especially important. What better time to honor those who continue to “do more” than right now, maintaining positive company culture and continuing to foster growth within their companies while serving the community? MAPP was interested in recognizing “those individuals who made a difference at their organizations in a big way. Leadership, innovation and ingenuity happen at all levels of an organization, and MAPP believes that it is more important than ever to celebrate those team members who heard opportunity knocking and answered the door.”

Amanda, a resident of Lebanon, Connecticut, was nominated by mentor, Missy Rogers, and team member at Wepco, Sydney Hebert.  Amanda was described as tenacious, adaptive, motivated and committed. When the need for personal protection equipment (PPE) hit at the onset of this pandemic, Amanda made necessary changes and met the need by developing an entirely new value stream and hiring new individuals, while managing efforts with continuous improvement as the team made protective masks for front-line heroes and anyone in need. This isn’t the first time Amanda has stepped up to the plate; Amanda does so constantly for her team and for Wepco Plastics as a whole. A mother, wife and friend, Amanda makes above and beyond sacrifices to take care of her family and her team.

“I nominated Amanda Wiriya because beyond her job description, or the expectations of how she supports the business on a day to day basis, she really took the initiative to help her team and her community understand the purpose that can be achieved with work that benefits them,” says by mentor Miss Rogers. “I think in a time of stress and great change, to know that and to have that personal calling to really support and serve the employment team at Wepco, as well as the community of customers and the community at large, she’s really ahead of the curve at identifying that and taking action on it.” 

Sydney Herbert adds, “Amanda is motivated and committed. Once she starts something, she follows through with the same degree of commitment and energy that she started with.” 

MoldMaking Technology’s Editorial Director Christina Fuges has also had the privilege to work together with Amanda during a couple of notable MMT Chats, “Molder/Mold Builder Provides Multi-Level Support of Local Community during COVID-19” and “Collaboration and Communication Key to Mold Builder/Molder Face Shield Operation Setup in Three Weeks,” as well as as her recent guest appearance on Wepco Plastics’ live chat series. 

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Amanda over the past few years on a variety of content for MMT and Amerimold, and I quickly discovered what makes her tick—her passion for people, culture and leadership. She is more than deserving of this Award. Congrats Amanda!” says Christina Fuges.