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Toshiba Machine of Elk Grove, Illinois and Phoenix Proto of Centreville, Michigan have teamed up to showcase Toshiba’s latest electric EC110SX Injection Molding machine running an Aluminum Mold designed and built by Phoenix Proto in 2 weeks at the 2011 MD&M show. Toshiba and Phoenix Proto brought together the additional services of 5 other companies to create this unique demonstration for visitors to the Toshiba booth 3701.

Bob Lammon of Phoenix Proto feels that “Running an Aluminum Tool in an electric Injection Molding machine is the perfect way to show case the cost benefits of both companies services. Less energy consumption and reduced cost tooling equals an excellent way for medical companies to reduce their overall cost of R&D into production. We think that visitors will be surprised to know that we (Phoenix Proto) are expecting 1 million parts from this Aluminum Tool.”

Clinton Aluminum provided the Hokotol brand Aluminum which Phoenix Proto used to create the pillbox mold for the demonstration at the show. RJG provided the integrated pressure sensors for the cavity. Bales Mold services provided the Nibore® coating process.

The pillbox to be given away at the MD&M show is made out of Polypropylene supplied by Polyone of Avon Lake, Michigan. Toshiba is providing it’s new V50 controllers to run with the Yushin robot that will be collecting the finished plastic parts.

Bob Lammon
Phoenix Proto Technologies