Video Series Demonstrates Basic CNC Procedures

The side-by-side demonstrations of procedures for THINC®-OSP and FANUC controls are quick reference tools for training.

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With the variety of machine tools and CNC controls available, some manufacturers utilize multiple brands of equipment, and therefore have the need for operators to learn more than one type of control. Okuma‘s new video series features both THINC®-OSP and FANUC controls, and shows the ease of use and the similarity of these two types of controls for Okuma CNC machines. The videos are designed to be quick reference and training tools and are relevant for new operators or seasoned operators learning a new control.

The series is comprised of three videos showing side-by-side, step-by-step procedures for basic operations on OSP and FANUC CNC controls, illustrating that the required keystrokes are not markedly different. Currently the demonstrations include program select, tool length offset and work zero offset.

Okuma’s OSP control is a highly reliable, easy-to-use CNC control capable of integration with new generations of software and hardware technology. It enables access to almost any application and peripheral equipment including factory management systems, and interfaces with bar code readers, barfeeders, robots, probes and tool setters to help streamline production. Okuma offers both THINC®-OSP and FANUC controls on select machine models.

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