Vericut V8.1 will Feature Additive Capability

CGTech demonstrates new features being added to the next version of Vericut at its annual VUE events.

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This year’s Vericut Users' Exchange (VUE), held recently in Irvine, California, was a success according to an announcement from CGTech. Irvine VUE kicked off the first of 25 North American VUEs where several new features being added to the next version of Vericut – CGTech’s CNC simulation, verification and optimization software – were demonstrated.

During the customer-driven event, multiple topics were covered, including new features that will be introduced, namely Additive Manufacturing (AM) simulation capability, which is expected to be included in the next release of Vericut Version 8.1.

“Additive Manufacturing applications are limitless for manufacturers,” said Gene Granata, Vericut Product Manager. “CGTech has always been forward thinking. Adding this cutting-edge technology to Vericut provides unique solutions that address the needs of our customers taking advantage of the rapidly expanding AM market.”

With more manufactures adopting AM into their daily operations, the timeliness of adding this new capability in Vericut is critical. The new AM capability in Vericut V8.1 simulates the same NC code that will drive the CNC machine, enabling companies to virtually experiment with combining additive and traditional “subtractive” metal removal processes to determine optimal safe “Hybrid” production methods. “This gives our customers a competitive edge to create, customize, and/or repair products, and in the process, redefine current production technology,” said Granata.

To register for any of the VUE locations, call (949) 753-1050 or visit A list of all currently scheduled worldwide VUE events can be found on the website. 

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