VDWF Members Manufacture Products to Fight Against Covid-19

The pandemic may have restricted everyday lives and paralyzed the economy, but it has not stopped this industry’s creativity, such as the products developed and manufactured by these VDWF members.


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The pandemic may have restricted everyday lives and paralyzed the economy, but it has not stopped this industry’s creativity. This has been impressively demonstrated by some VDWF members who have developed and manufactured their own products. These members joined the fight against COVID-19 in light of information concerning increasing global demand for protective equipment to control the rate of infection in both medical and social settings from the German Federal Ministry of Health and other institutions.

Toolmakers have taken the initiative to make products such as safety glasses, face shields, masks, elbow operated door handles and hygienically emptiable trash cans with a great sense of solidarity and responsibility. In order to bring products to market and to those people who most need them, the entire range of companies’ services has been fully utilized in many places in Germany. This includes everything from development and design to the manufacture of tools to production and assembly. The result has been the extremely successful collection of products presented below.

Partial Face Mask by Hachtel:

The "partial face mask" made by Hachtel is suitable for long-term use. An exchangeable filter insert with a fleece or other filter material is "clipped on". The thermoplastic elastomer used is approved for the manufacture of products that are used in the medical field, can be sterilized at 134°C, and is dishwasher safe. The Aalen based company currently injection molds about 800 units per day.

Forearm operated door opener by Brinkmann and Burwinkel:

To battle Covid-19, two moldmakers have joined forces: Brinkmann in Mühlen teamed up with their neighbor company, Burwinkel, to develop a door handle attachment. The attachment allows doors to be conveniently opened and closed using one’s forearm. The injection molding tools required for this were finalized by Brinkmann at the incredible speed of just seven days. Their daily production capacity is 2,500 units.

The "Freehander" by Stolz & Seng

The plastic injection molding and mold making company Stolz & Seng based in Donaueschingen also entered the market in mid-April with their attachment for door handles. The Freehander was developed and is produced in-house. The patented product will first be available in three colors. The Freehander is installed using four bolts and therefore has robust support for daily use. Thanks to an innovative triangular attachment system, it fits most common door handles. The plastic is both resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, and its flame-retardant ingredients allow for use in public buildings. Production capacity is currently at 2,400 pairs (one for each side of a door) per day, and could be increased quickly if necessary.

Safety Glasses by Brinkmann and Burwinkel:

In addition, the two neighboring companies also manufacture special safety glasses made for people who wear corrective lenses, in order to meet the current high demand in the medical sector.

Face Shield by Gebrüder Ficker:

Marienberg based Gebrüder Ficker started producing face shields with #makervsvirus. Following the example of the Czech 3D printing company Prusa, the headbands and chin reinforcements are injection molded. The first few orders have already come in.

Protective Mask by Kröger:

Based in Lohne, the mold maker Kröger has been working with Merkutec, which is in Dinkelage. Together, they have been working on a tool and produced protective masks using an injection molding process. The mask is made of a flexible plastic, is washable, and has a removable grille into which filters of various thicknesses can be inserted.

Mouth-nose Mask by Sauer & Sohn:

Based in Dieburg, Sauer & Sohn created two versions of this reusable mouth-nose mask in record time at the beginning of April. The product has an exchangeable filter material which is attached on the outside of the plastic mask using a fastening clip.