Up Close with Engel LSR Technology

Engel’s Open House, run in conjunction with the LSR 2018 Conference in Anaheim, CA brought over 100 guests up close to the latest in LSR molding technology.
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Over 100 visitors were welcomed to Engel North America for an Open House at the Engel West facility in Corona, California. The Open House, held on September 13th, was held in conjunction with the LSR 2018 conference in Anaheim, California and offered attendees the opportunity to examine the latest in LSR molding technology.

A selection of liquid silicone injection molding applications were presented in the Technical Center of Engel West, giving the conference attendees a view of these processes:

  • A tie-bar-less Victory 200/55 US machine, equipped with an integrated Engel Viper6 robot, produced eyeglass lenses using optical grade LSR.
  • A 4-cavity radial seal mold from ACH ran, with a cycle time of 20 seconds, on an all-electric Engel E-Mac 170/55 US machine. For this event, the machine was outfitted with an optional LSR package.
  • An all-electric Wintec E-Win 1000-310 machine (with 1,000 kN clamping force), equipped with an Engel Viper linear robot, ran a two-cavity mold supplied by Roembke Manufacturing molding specimen containers for medical diagnostics.