2/19/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

United Grinding Adopts Efficiency Program

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The group’s new PuLs program aims to optimize all internal processes for the benefit of customers.


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United Grinding has adopted PuLs, a program that aims to rid the value creation chain of activities that don’t bring any benefit to customers.  Waiting times, surpluses, unnecessary movement of material—all are classic examples of the sort of inefficient production targeted by the program’s process optimization and quality management concepts, the company says. "PuLs is a customized concept, not an off-the-peg solution", says Michael Horn, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the United Grinding Group AG. Production isn’t the only target either. The program also targets development and administration processes. 

Employees of all the group’s brands have received training in basic PuLs principles since 2013. Each individual must support he program and critically examine their own workplace. The resulting optimization measures can extend from the efficient reorganization of a complete production process through to the restructuring of an individual working environment. "The key factor in this program is our employees, to whom we want to communicate PuLs in the form of a comprehensive training program. The benchmark of this program is the benefit which it generates for our customers", emphasizes CFO Heinz Poklekowski.

"PuLs is not so much a program but rather a company philosophy", he continues."It therefore has no end date, but is "work in progress". It should be seen as an inner attitude, a way of thinking, which is aimed at permanent improvement and increased customer benefit."

"The essence of PuLs,” adds COO Michael Horn, "is that people play a central part in it – both our employees and our customers."