Tornos Commemorates 60th Anniversary with Grand Opening

Tornos Technologies announces Grand Opening of its Customer Center Chicago with a theme of Turning Together, commemorating the 60th anniversary of Switzerland headquarters opening the first facility in the US in 1959.

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On May 1-2 from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Tornos Technologies will host an open house at its customer center to celebrate 60 years of success in the U.S. Over the two days, seminars will be held covering topics of medical, automotive and electronics fields. In conjunction with the Grand Opening and anniversary celebration, the company will showcase the 7 mm SwissNano machine. 

The 13,000 square foot customer center includes a spacious showroom to showcase each product in the company’s line-up, a large warehouse to accommodate spare parts inventory and larger office space to promote employee growth. 

To register for this event, contact Erika Szabo at 630-812-2050 or at