Tool Tracking App Gets A New Look

The newly designed enterprise asset tracking site now emphasizes collaboration.

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ToolStats, an enterprise asset tracking & collaboration application, announced the release of its newly re-designed website. The new site, dubbed “ToolStats 2.0,” provides a newly-designed interface, upgraded tracking features, user permission controls and improved site navigation capabilities.

In regards to the company’s new platform, ToolStats Business Development Manager Sean Brolley said, “The new site is designed with user experience and productivity being top priority. Everything from how a user navigates the site, collaborates with team members, and manages information with their supply chain was built for simplicity. ToolStats 2.0 enables users to track tools & share information easier than ever before.”

ToolStats patented tool management system allows users to stay connected to their tools at all times, and ensures that critical information is never more than just a click away. With the implication of QR-coded asset tags and a free mobile app, tools can be scanned from the user's phone to access asset details, view files, report issues, and manage maintenance activity directly from the plant floor. The newly-designed site now emphasizes collaboration. “Collaboration and communication are key factors for manufacturing success. With the complexity of programs today, along with the number of stakeholders and data involved, managing your information can be overwhelming. ToolStats provides the ability to easily track and share data throughout every phase of a program, and provides a central communication platform accessible to all teams involved,” says Brolley.

ToolStats fixes workflow inefficiencies by replacing group emails, FTP transactions, multiple storage locations and complex project management systems, and so on. Users can store data, share files, track timelines, report issues and indicate changes to project statuses in an instant, all while keeping the information tracked with the tool at all times.