The Plastek Group Launches New Website, Social Media

The Plastek Group launches a new website, as well as social media, in order to provide a universal communication, marketing and sales tool for its customers.
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Closing the last quarter of 2019, The Plastek Group is excited to enter a new year, full of new tools, resources, team building and networking. With goals to market The Plastek Group in its entirety, including all subsidiaries, through modern day business to business and social networking, the company is pleased to officially share its updated online presence of The Plastek Group.


In efforts to provide a universal communication, marketing and sales tool, the website design was focused on providing a user friendly and easy to navigate resource within a corporate website. Improvements from the previous website include targeted audiences, flow of information and updated content.

For all viewers, the company has added a new audience specific option to the website. In the top right corner, a language can be chosen, and the entire text content will be translated to the viewers preference. As The Plastek Group is a global supplier of plastic consumer packaging, located in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, Brazil and Mexico, this feature enables customers and employees over a variety of cultures, to engage with the company.

Viewers will find visiting the website smooth and time efficient. The company has reorganized information into easy to find headings that will provide a full scope of its mission, background and services.

For plastic injection molded packaging options, visitors can contact the company’s sales department after navigating through the Markets and Stock Package pages. Visitors can scroll through the Capabilities, and Quality pages to find customer service for innovatie package design, mold design and build. For those looking to work with The Plastek Group, the Careers, Social Compliance and Location pages provide more information about opportunities within your local communities.

Along with the new website, viewers can now also keep up with The Plastek Group on social media. Connect, like and follow @ThePlastekGroup on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


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