Tebis America Reports Record Sales, New Personnel and More

Tebis America says its growth in sales continues for a third consecutive year, spurring expansion.

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Tebis America has announced a record year in sales for the third consecutive year, regional expansion and new customer acquisition.

In year ending December 31, 2016 Tebis America achieved sales increase of 45% over 2015 which represents the largest sales revenue year for the company. In addition, the company increased its customer base by 10% and added noteworthy new customers such as Tesla, VW Mexico and Galaxy Technologies to its roster. Growth was also realized with the reacquiring of several past customers. This surge also increased the number of training sessions the company held at its Troy headquarters and onsite at customer facilities.

In addition to adding support team members at its headquarters, the year also saw growth in the number of strategic locations for the company. Personnel and support was added in the Southeast U.S. and Canada, while a new distributor was added in Mexico. The company anticipates another sales increase in 2017, therefore additional support personnel will be needed this year and in the future.

David Klotz, CEO and President of Tebis America said, “This past year was an exciting time for Tebis Software. We introduced new functionality to our software which provided the flexibility of performance and applications packages. Making it easier and more affordable for companies to start using Tebis. That roadmap of functionality will continue to strengthen Tebis as the leader in CAD/CAM technology.

“With our capability to provide consulting and implementation to our customers, we have seen a big increase for companies to maximize the usage and improve their processes on the shop floor.  We assess and help companies improve so they can be competitive in the market even if they are not currently using Tebis.”

Klotz added, “Tebis America has seen tremendous growth over the last three years. Our success has come about through the efforts of our dedicated sales and support staff.  In 2017, we will introduce a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in North America that will help companies manage their operations in terms of areas such as planning, scheduling, machine monitoring and much more. We’ll be launching that program in the first half of 2017.”

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