TangoAlpha3 Helps Staff Veterans Within the Technological Workforce

TA3 wins a five-year contract valued at $135 million in support of the Veterans Affairs Transition Assistance Program (VA TAP).


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As part of Team CALIBRE Systems Inc. (Alexandria, Vermont), TangoAlpha3 (TA3, Austin, Texas)—a veteran-owned talent acquisition firm with a focus on staffing veterans within the technological workforce—has been awarded a subcontract in support of the Veterans Affairs Transition Assistance Program (VA TAP).

VA TAP is a single five-year contract valued at $135 million that provides training and counseling to service members as they transition from military to civilian life. TA3 will help support the Veterans Benefits Administration and Office of Transition and Economic Development to advance the ongoing benefits of VA TAP to ensure that service members and their spouses are equipped with the necessary tools and information to facilitate their readiness for civilian life.

According to TA3, each year, approximately 200,000 of the U.S.’s service members leave military service and return to civilian life. In close partnership with VA, TA3 will provide vital TAP sustainment support for transitioning service members across 13 military installations in the southeastern portion of the U.S.

As part of its overall portfolio, TA3 currently provides critical consulting, recruitment and workplace management skills to newly exiting
veterans. TA3 leadership, therefore, feels that this subcontract award is a natural fit for the company. Thanks to its subcontract as part of Team CALIBRE, TA3 will place Benefit Advisors to work with veterans just leaving the military, as well as more transitioning vets down the line. Throughout the program, one-on-one and group counseling sessions with these advisors will help vets and their families employ the benefits and services available to them while they transition to civilian life.

TA3’s experience and success in working with veterans remains a core attribute of the company, as also illustrated in its work sustaining the Defense Health Agency's (DHA) enterprise network environment as well as numerous other public and private sector enterprises. The VA TAP award is yet another opportunity for TA3 to serve the nation, fulfill its commitment to promote the veteran community and to highlight the value of the powerful veteran workforce.

CEO of TangoAlpha3, Tim Chapman, a veteran who experienced much of what TangoAlpha3’s clients and the vets they work with face, says, “It’s honorable to me and extremely fulfilling to be the leader of  a company that is taking part in providing this service to veterans.”


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