Suhner and Velocity Products Form Partnership

Suhner has teamed up with Velocity Products to maintain the SU-matic line at a consistent level of quality and functionality.

Suhner has partnered with Velocity Products on the repair and maintenance of SU-matic tooling. SU-matic works closely with engineers from Okuma when designing new tools. The collaboration ensures consistent tooling performance on lathes, multi-tasking machines and machine tools.

The Velocity/SU-matic Preventive Maintenance Program offers 72-hour inspection turnaround, inspection of radial and axial play and a six month guarantee on repairs. In addition, Velocity/SU-matic tooling is guaranteed for two years; at the end of the two years, customers can send their tools to the Velocity/SU-matic repair center for inspection and return the tools to original factory specifications. The repair center is in Suhner’s new location in Rome, Georgia.

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