Stellar Mold & Tool Announces Sale of Business


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Jeff Stegemeyer, President and owner has announced the sale of Stellar Mold & Tool to local business owner, Jason Lawton. “The time was right, and I wanted to make sure we had someone committed to our customers, the mold making industry, our team and our region,” says Stegemeyer, in reference to why he chose to sell to Lawton. Lawton, a longtime Western Wisconsin resident, has deep roots in the business and manufacturing community at both the national and regional level and was excited to get involved and commit to continuing the long tradition of world class work.

“Jeff will continue to work as a consultant and the core management team will be retained,” says Lawton, “Keeping a 40+ year-old world class manufacturer operating in our region was something both Jeff and I are committed to doing,” says Lawton. Stegemeyer and Lawton went on to say that the majority of all employees, including Stegemeyer and the management team will continue to work from the current location. “We are retaining all that is Stellar Mold & Tool and I am confident that our customers will continue to be served with the same level of care and expertise that Stellar has been providing for the past 43 years,” says Stegemeyer.

Stellar Mold & Tool has been operating since 1978 and was started by five toolmakers with a shared vision to bring excellence to the injection molding industry.  Today, Stellar Tool & Mold employs a highly skilled and dedicated team and operates from a 20,000 square foot, technologically advance facility producing world-class plastic injection molds.

The sale was final on Tuesday, August 25 and and is expected to insure the continuation of Stellar Mold & Tool in its current location in Galesville, Wisconsin.  Lawton, currently serves as President to C&C Machine in La Crosse, Wisconsin. and is part of the ownership group for that organization.  He will continue to lead at C&C Machine as well as offer support to the management team at Steller Mold & Tool.