Stateline Services Division, LLC Formed as Diebold Shuts Down

Diebold reorganized as Stateline Services with a variety of machine tool products and services.

A new company has been formed—Stateline Services Division, LLC (Sharon, WI)—that offers a variety of products and services, including all phases of machine tools, accessories, tooling, and gauging. The company offers seminars tailored to your shop and your requirements. Additionally, the company specializes in HSK products.  Stateline used to be associated with Diebold GmbH and Diebold Goldring Tooling USA, but those divisions have been shut down. According to Stateline Services Sales Manager Daniel Springhorn, all of the employees of DGT, USA have moved to the new company.

For more information on Stateline Services call (262) 736-2205 or visit