StackTeck Takes New Steps to Support U.S. Customers

StackTeck partners with Louis Young of L.J. Young Consulting LLC to expand U.S. customer support. Louis brings 35 years of injection molding project and production experience. 


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StackTeck partners with Louis Young of L.J. Young Consulting LLC

Image courtesy of StackTeck Systems Ltd.

StackTeck Systems Ltd. (Brampton, Ontario, Canada) a global manufacturer of multi-cavity, high-volume production molds, has partnered with Louis Young of L.J. Young Consulting LLC, a U.S.-based industry veteran to expand support to U.S. customers.

Louis’ broad experience with injection molding projects, including molds, IML technology and system processing, will enable “boots on the ground” support for U.S. customers for:

• Urgent troubleshooting needs
• Mold and IML system startups
• Cycle time and/or process optimization
• Inspections for mold refurbishments
• Training for new technicians.

Louis is said to brings 35 years of injection molding project and production experience for injection molded packaging applications, including having ordered and commissioned some of what is said to be the most sophisticated injection molds and IML turnkey systems that StackTeck has ever built.

“We’ve known Louis for decades as a customer, and we are confident that his extensive knowledge of molds, part design and processing will be a tremendous asset in supporting all our U.S. customers,” says StackTeck’s President and CEO, Vince Travaglini. “More than ever StackTeck is endeavoring to provide customer support despite the difficult business conditions in 2020. We’re expanding the virtual communication approaches we started using over 15 years ago for turnkey system qualifications, while doing everything we can to let customers know, ‘We’re here for you’.”

It happens that one of the recommendations on Louis’ LinkedIn profile came from a senior member of the StackTeck sales team, Ted Marcinkiewicz, in January 2014: “I worked with Louis for the last 12 years. His expertise in injection molding and tooling is second to none. His approach to any challenges is very professional. I am myself in plastics industry for the last 35 years and Louis is without any questions one of the best in the industry. He is a great listener and excellent partner to work with. I would strongly recommend Louis to anyone who is looking for an expert. He is a fantastic asset.”

Louis established L. J. Young Consulting LLC five years ago, as a provider of professional services for injection molding packaging applications.