9/18/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

SPRING Technologies partners with Machining Cloud GmbH

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SPRING Technologies, vendor of software solutions that maximize the productivity of CNC machine tools, announces its partnership with Machining Cloud GmbH.


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Through this new partnership, users of NCSIMUL Machine (CNC machining simulation) and NCSIMUL Tool (cutting-tool management) will have direct access to highly accurate cutting-tool data and product knowledge (3d models, cutting conditions, tool parameters) from the world’s leading cutting-tool manufacturers. “This partnership is a major step forward in our agenda to deliver the NCEXPERIENCE® vision, and a key enabler strengthening the competitiveness of our customers, on both short and long term,” says Philippe SOLIGNAC, Corporate Marketing Director, SPRING Technologies.

Through the Machining Cloud, the manufacturer's descriptive, usage and geometric information and application knowledge is always up-to-date and readily available from any location and, or device. “By utilizing cloud technology and industry standards for data - including ISO 13399, GTC, STEP and MTConnect – SPRING and the Machining Cloud will provide a smooth flow of data from the cutting-tool manufacturer to the customer’s shop floor as well as to CAM programmers,” says Michael Taesch, Cloud Evangelist for the Machining Cloud GmbH.

Upon completion of the SPRING Machining Cloud Connection, the interface between the Cloud and SPRING’s software, SPRING’s customers will realize 4 key benefits:

  • time savings when initially populating their NCSIMUL Tool database or screening the manufacturer’s entire catalog for new tools not presently in inventory
  • an enhanced machining process by the assurance to have the last cutting-tool data available for tooling operations and CNC machining simulation process within NCSIMUL Machine
  • a direct access to the cutting-tool manufacturers’ latest recommendations on cutting speeds and conditions for a given cutting-tool assembly in a given material
  • abilities to make better choices, when searching for new cutting tools and when deciding how to best run them on their CNC machines.

The Machining Cloud apps run on Microsoft Windows® 7 and 8 powered desktop computers, as well as Android tablets and iPads.  Through these feature-rich, modern, cloud-based apps, the product data is always up-to-date and available anytime, from any location and any device.  The Machining Cloud is a neutral platform open to all partners and suppliers, making it suitable for the needs of most shops.

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