Spring Technologies' Gilles Battier Joins GIFAS AERO-PME Committee

SMEs contribute their expertise to a collaborative policy for the aerospace sector

SPRING Technologies, vendor of software for the optimal and flexible use of Numerical Control machines, announces the nomination of CEO Gilles Battier as a new member of the GIFAS AERO-PME Committee. GIFAS is an economic interest group that spearheads France’s aerospace industry ecosystem, uniting all the stakeholders from major corporations to the small and medium-sized companies that are key players in this market. The GIFAS watchwords, expertise and innovation, have always been core values at SPRING Technologies.

Why an AERO-PME Committee?

SMEs are essential players in the economy and technology, whose role is not just to partner the leading industrial groups. They have a strong capacity to innovate and develop technical skills. They are agile and smart, quick to respond and adapt to the needs of major customers in a constantly evolving arena, where the need to control quality and time is of prime importance. This is why SME, with the expertise they can bring to any ecosystem, occupy such a prominent position at GIFAS. SPRING Technologies is exemplary, ticking all these boxes.

“The aerospace sector is one of the spearheads of French and world industry, and GIFAS harnesses its specific skills and technologies. To further the cause of excellence in the sector, it is important for us to bring our knowhow and innovative technologies to the table. I am proud and delighted to be joining the AERO-PME Committee to deliver and share our ideas and innovations. My nomination is an acknowledgement of our identity and contribution. Our hands-on “shop-floor” vision of the industry’s processes enables us to work very closely with the industry’s leading players, addressing their production needs as they negotiate the transition towards tomorrow’s Factory 4.0.”