SPE 6th Annual Plastics For Life Competition Winners

The Society of Plastics Engineers honored plastic products that met the test of value by making lives better in some way.
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During the Antec 2019 plastics technical conference in Detroit, Michigan, the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) honored plastic products that met the test of value by making lives better in some way.

A panel of judges selected the winners of the 6th annual Plastics for Life Global Parts Competition from among a range of parts that had already won in competitions at previous SPE events over the past year. In addition, a People’s Choice award was presented to the part that received the greatest number of votes from event attendees.

The Grand Prize winner is the 2019 Sierra LD thick light bar. This application incorporates a high-transparency LED 2245 PC used in a thick light bar to enable a sculptured ice appearance that meets a legal daytime running lamp function in an automotive headlamp. 

The People’s Choice winner is Brewcraft’s Genesis 6 gallon carboy fermenter. It is designed to replace glass carboys, which can break when dropped, producing sharp glass and lost product and have narrow necks making it hard to clean. 
The winner of the Improving Life category is ThermaPanel. This is an efficient modular hydronic heat exchange system that is used for radient heating and cooling applications. 
The winner of the Protecting Life category is the integrated tire carrier, rear camera and brake light assembly on the 2018 Jeep Wrangler. This hybrid composite technology utilizes magnesium injection molding for higher structural strength with reduced weight and polymer overmolding for improved impact and corrosion resistance.

The winner of the Quality of Life category is the Pickup Tuck. This is a lightweight and portable cargo organization system for the bed of a pickup truck. 

Finally, the winner of the Sustaining Life category is the Simply Orange Bottle in clear EBM PET. This lightweight 89-ounce orange juice bottle is designed from high-performance PolyclearTM EBM PET 5507. 

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