Spanish Association Focuses on Additive

ADDIMAT aims to develop and promote additive manufacturing in Spain by promoting cooperation among key players and providing professional services for members.

Incorporated in San Sebastian, Spain on December 17, ADDIMAT aims to group together enterprises related to the manufacture and marketing of equipment and materials for additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

ADDIMAT, the Spanish association of 3D and additive manufacturing technologies, is a spin-off of Spanish machine tool association AFM, which groups together 90 percent of Spanish companies in the advanced manufacturing technologies and machine tool sectors. Any company related to 3D and additive manufacturing can request membership. Along with AFM, founding members include Danobat Group, Egile Group, Fagor Automation, Goratu, Kondia, Ibarmia, Nicolas Correa, Ona EDM, Tumaker, the IK4 and Tecnalia technology centers, the University of the Basque Country, IMG-Machine-tool Institute, the innovation center TKNIKA and the Bilbao Exhibition Center.