Sodick Launches New Direct Sales in Ohio

Machine tool manufacturer Sodick, Inc. has launched a new direct sales structure in Ohio.


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Machine tool manufacturer Sodick, Inc. has launched a new direct sales structure in Ohio, greatly reducing the cost to end users and enabling greater communication with customers. The company has named Joe Caine and Brad Angeny as sales managers for this territory, with Caine supporting customers located east of Interstate 77 and Angeny supporting those customers on the western half of the state. Both Angeny and Caine are experienced district managers with the company and well-versed across its product range.

Through this new direct sales model, the company will be better equipped to offer Ohio customers the best value, eliminating the intermediary cost. More importantly, Ohio manufacturers will have a direct line of communication to the company’s management, improving responsiveness to the local area’s needs. These changes are expected to strengthen manufacturing in Ohio overall by improving the community’s access to support services and advanced linear motor driven EDM technology.

Wire and Sinker EDM users in Ohio are encouraged to inquire about the company’s new direct pricing across the state to learn how they can benefit from the new distribution structure.


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