Siemens NX Tooling Application 2020 Workshop Transitions to Virtual Event

The virtual-only NX Mold Wizard event will run Oct. 5-6, and the NX Die Wizard event will run Oct. 7-8. It will also be free of charge to participate.


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Longterm Technology Services Inc. has announced that, due to COVID-19 travel limitation and other government regulations, the Siemens NX Tooling Workshop has been transitioned to a virtual event that will run the first week of October 2020. NX Mold Wizard will run Oct. 5-6, and NX Die Wizard will run Oct. 7-8. It will also be free of charge to participate. With limited resources and ensuring all customers have equal opportunities to participate the event, the company has limited up to three attendees per company.

This event is designated for existing Siemens NX customers who already have NX Mold Wizard and/or Die Wizard software. In the case you do not have the latest version of the software installed on your computer. You can use this link to run the software on the cloud. To maximum the benefits of the participation, Longterm Technology Service strongly suggests to register the latest pre-released evaluation software license here.

Those interested can download the schedule for the NX Mold Wizard virtual workshop here, and the NX Die Wizard workshop here

Contact a Longterm Technology Service representative if you have any questions about the event at Marketing@longtermtec.com