Shop Floor Automations Has 20-Year Anniversary in 2018

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To celebrate, the company is rolling out a new website and a new logo.

Shop Floor Automations (SFA) announces its 20th year in business. As of March 2018, the manufacturing company has been open for two decades in San Diego, California. The company has upgraded its website and has changed its logo to celebrate the milestone.

SFA specializes in assisting manufacturers to increase productivity. The company says that it can help shops that can’t replace legacy machines or that struggle with the manufacturing skills gap. SFA says it is the number one reseller of Predator Software and Scytec DataXchange, and that it is well known for engineering various hardware solutions to fit customer needs.

The company offers a variety of services designed to help shops perform their best. For example, SFA provides solutions in DNC software. SFA also helps shops with machine monitoring and production scheduling and aids in upgrading a shop’s legacy machines and replacing its old media. SFA also provides on-site service from professional technicians.


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