Sandvik Coromant Takes Business Approach to Recycling

Sandvik Coromant, the market leading producer of metal cutting tools, has announced the move of its long-standing tungsten carbide recycling program in the U.S. to its business services organization.

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The company sees recycling not just as a benefit for the environment, but as an added business opportunity for Sandvik Coromant and its customers.

Sandvik Coromant has long been an advocate of environmental sustainability in the manufacturing industry. The Sandvik Coromant recycling concept (CRC) was implemented in 1996 as an initiative to minimize waste and offset the effects of raw material consumption in the industry.

In recent months, Sandvik Coromant's business services broke the paradigm that tungsten carbide recycling was good for the environment, but not the bottom line. By creating a closed-looped manufacturing supply chain for Tungsten carbide, Sandvik Coromant saw business opportunities beyond just the environment.

The company looks at carbide recycling in the context of the customer's value chain from R&D through production logistics. The customer can incorporate recycling into various processes from the dispensing of carbide inserts, their use in production, collection, recycling and then use that money to purchase new inserts or to finance new tooling projects.

"Recycling has moved beyond the obvious environmental benefits and has taken on added dimension in the modern world. No longer can companies limit their vision," said Karl Almquist, manager of business services.
"They must also ensure sustainability for the business and then look beyond for the business opportunities within."

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