12/6/2011 | 3 MINUTE READ


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Following on the heels of the highly acclaimed, new series The Edge Factor Show, the EF team is set to release the Reality Redesigned series. What is it? It is a design contest with a reality show twist.


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Students and bike enthusiasts from around Canada and the United States will be invited to submit designs into one of three categories based on the theme of the show, in this case “Mountain biking”. The submissions will be analysed and eventually critiqued by industry experts. Jeremy Bout, host and producer of the Edge Factor, will take us coast to coast, introducing this seasons Judges. Once all the submissions are in and screened, the show will track the top drawings as the judges critique them. The ever-present POV camera will capture the process from beginning to end, allowing the audience a unique opportunity to watch the idea go from drawing board to finished product.

Reality Redesigned is a whole new concept. The first season closely follows the relationship between the mountain biking and manufacturing industry. Teaming up with Pinkbike, a giant in the MTB world, (pinkbike.com), the EF team is presenting three categories for the mountain bike design contest: frame, suspension and components. Contestants will pick one and submit their design idea in that category.

The submissions will be taken through a rigorous screening process. The better the idea, the clearer the presentation, the more points it will get. The more points you get, the better your chances will be that you will make the top spot on the leader board. When the dust settles, after all submissions are in and all the prints have been screened.... we will then see who is at the top. Top 3 in each of the categories will make up the “Final Nine” in March 2012.

The general public audience will be able to vote on their favourite designs and the submission that stays on the leaderboard with the most “yes” votes when the vote closes in April, will win a pimped out Intense Bike.

Submissions for the contest will close at the end of February and then the real fun begins... Judges will work through these nine submissions, assigning point values to each of the finalists. This is an amazing opportunity for students and aspiring designers to have their designs and ideas looked at by the top minds in the industry today and being used by the top bikers in the world. Reality Redesigned promises to be a season filled with key insights into the amazing world of design, engineering and manufacturing.



Reality Redesigned Season 1 judges are:
  1. Marie Planchard: Mechanical Engineer - Marie is the Director of World Education for SolidWorks, the leader in 3D CAD software. Having been a judge in competitions around the world, Marie is equiped to give valuable insights to this seasons contestants.
  2. Dave Mee: Support Specialist, MTB Rider. - Dave is an engineer for Zcorp, a world leader in 3D printers for rapid prototyping. Dave will use the latest in this technology to bring the top 9 into a physical 3D models. He will pass on his notes to Mike M, along with a printed 3D model.
  3. Mike Montgomery: Pro MTB Rider - Mike, one of the top riders in the Slopestyle mountainbiking world, will receive the 3D models from Dave over at Zcorp and will analyze them from an industry standpoint. Based on his incredible experience in the field. Mike will award points based on ridebility and usability.
  4. JoAnn Mitchell: Senior Project Leader at Sandvik Coromant - With over 300 new patented products a year, Sandvik Coromant is the largest cutting tool manufacturer in the world. JoAnn will look at the submissions and judge them based on the steps the participant provides for their project.
  5. Jeff Steber: Owner of Intense Cycles - Jeff is the founder, president, dreamer and innovator for Intense, a 20 year old stronghold in the bike frame industry. Jeff will concentrate his considerable experience on the top 3 finalists in the MTB Frame category.
  6. Josh Coaplen: Director of Research and Development at Cane Creek Cycling - Cane Creek is an innovator in the mountain biking industry from wheels on up to seat-posts. Josh will be looking at and scoring the MTB Suspension Category.
  7. Dennis and DJ Paulson: Owners, Straitline Precision - Straitline is becoming known as a leader in innovative bike part designs and manufacturing, featured in the “Gnarly Metal” episode of The Edge Factor Show, the brothers will judge the parts and designs submitted in the MTB Components category.



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