R&D/Leverage Announces Online RFQ Process


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R&D/Leverage announces an online Request for Quote process for mold repair to save customers the hassle and expense of sending a mold to the company for a repair quote. Customers can request an online quote for mold repair of injection stretch blow molds, injection blow molds, preform tooling, blow molds and injection molds, as well as create an account with the company and in a form, describe the damage and upload pictures showing the damage. This service is for customers of the contiguous United States. Response time is usually one business day.

The company has a comprehensive mold refurbishment and repair program, and can help customers with an emergency quick repair, an extensive review of a family of molds or a complete repair program overall. The company repairs all types of tooling, regardless of the manufacturer. 

The mold maintenance program has two tiers of refurbishment and repair. In Tier One, the finished product is a quality mold where all components including wear items, are as close to its original design as possible, with a near OEM life expectancy. All components that the company manufactures are to their original design and will have updated prints for future replacement of parts. Technical support is offered for start-up and processing.

For Tier Two, the finished product is a mold that can go back into production in a shorter time frame when compared to a full refurbishment while maintaining all quality specifications. Depending on each mold repair in Tier Two, there may be variations in tool life expectancy as well as interchangeability.

Request an online quote for mold repair. Download mold maintenance/refurbishment and repair program literature. For more information, email info@rdleverage.com