Polyshot Acquired By Redbarn Pet Products

The acquisition of Polyshot and its hot runner technologies paves the way to Redbarn's new dental pet treats, Chew-A-Bulls.


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The acquisition of Polyshot lends way to Redbarn's new dental treats, Chew-A-Bulls, which come in four different shapes

Photo Credit: Red Barn Products

Family-owned business Redbarn Pet Products (Long Beach, California) acquired plastic injection molding service, Polyshot Corp. (West Henrietta, New York). The purchase has aided Redbarn Pet Products’ portfolio expansion in hot runner technologies to produce edible pet treats. Redbarn’s new line of dental treats, Chew-A-Bulls, are available in four shapes—hydrant, chip, brush and toad—and are all designed to scrape away harmful plaque and tartar buildup, officials say.

Under this new ownership, Polyshot reports that it has new personnel guiding its business. “We’re honored the Polyshot team joined our family and is continuing our mission of helping pet parents make nutritious decisions for their pets,” says Jeff Baikie, co-founder of Redbarn Pet Products, which is headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., with a manufacturing plant in Great Bend, Kan. “With the help of their world-class technology, Redbarn is once again expanding our portfolio with truly innovative treats that prioritize the health and wellness of our dogs.”

Polyshot continues to lead in the manufacture of melt delivery systems for the injection molding industry and is focused on continued growth with its molding partners worldwide. This includes: 

  • Vacuum Brazed Manifolds: Reduce shear imbalance and are better for color changes.
  • 3D heating: Optimal for uniform heating.
  • Accutrak Vale Gate: Only valve gate with “true position” for better gate quality, longevity and a nozzle tip that flushes every shot (great for clear polycarbonates, triton and color changes)
  • Conformal Cooling: A Polyshot core technology for 20 years.

View Polyshot’s digital brochure here, and reach out to Lou Borrelli or Business Development Manager, Robert Glor, for more information.