Open House at Haimer Explores Industry 4.0

Haimer will host guest speakers, live demonstrations and presentations, food and drinks, networking, and the company will showcase Haimer tooling technologies at the company’s 2018 Open House May 8–10, 2018 at the Haimer North American headquarters.


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Join Haimer at their North American Headquarters for the Haimer 2018 Open House. Haimer will host guest speakers, live demonstrations and presentations, food and drinks, networking, and the company will showcase Haimer tooling technologies.

This year’s theme is “Explore industry 4.0,” and Haimer says it plans to do exactly that with products that enable enhanced data communication and collection. Here’s just a sample of what Haimer has in store:

Industry Speakers

This year, the Haimer panel of speakers includes Patrick Curry, president of Fullerton Tool Company, who will report on how Fullerton puts balance to work to improve product quality while simultaneously reducing costs. Steve Kline, Chief Data Officer at Gardner Business Media, will present his insights on where the economy (especially the metalworking industry) may be headed. A representative from Western Precision Products Inc. will describe how it has implemented industry 4.0 into its everyday manufacturing operations, saving time and enhancing quality for its customers.


i4.0 Integration Demo


Learn firsthand how combining Haimer technology can provide process security, save time and ensure machining success. The demonstration will feature a comparison of data transfer methodssome more antiquated than othersthat will help prove the benefits of connecting your shop, either through post-processes or RFID technology.

Power Clamp i4.0 Shrink Fit Machines

Haimer says its new Power Clamp i4.0 series makes shrinking even easier. Network communication and tool scanning capabilities make this series “industry 4.0-ready.”

Microset Tool Presetting Machines

Haimer says that Microset machines distinguish themselves through first-class hardware and ideal ergonomics, as well as easy handling. The product range of Haimer Microset tool presetters includes entry level machines that are very profitable for low volume users all the way to fully automated presetting with incorporated Haimer shrink fit technology.

New Shrink Fit and Collets

Haimer now offers an array of high-performance clamping options for milling & turning machines. New shrink and Duo-Lock collets are compatible with ER collet chucks ranging from ER 16 to ER 32 with multiple collet length configurations. The incredible strength and precision of Haimer holding technology is now expanded to accommodate even more applications.

An Enhanced Cutting Tool Offering

Haimer introduces new tool geometries for Power Mill and Duo-Lock offerings, including designs for aluminum and mold steels, as well as its Basic Mill end mills, suited for roughing, finishing and drilling.

Haimer opens its doors May 8–10, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Register now at the Haimer regisration page.

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