10/13/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Online Course Provides Introductory Math Skills for Molders

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RJG Inc. now offers Math for Molders online to suit the schedules of participants.


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In September this year, RJG, Inc. launched its first ever eLearning course, Math for Molders. The course provides training in foundational math skills that molders need both in the field and for the more advanced RJG courses.

This online eLearning course enables students to complete each module at their own pace, offers them the option to replay sections and takes an average of 9 to 10 hours to complete. There are eight units in the course with multiple interactive modules in each that include videos, animations and practice activities. RJG says that the course uses real scenarios so that molders will be more prepared to calculate data, which will enable them to match mold requirements with appropriate machines and avoid common defects while preventing mold and machine damage.

Some course highlights include:

  • Area (calculating area of various shapes and calculating total projected area at parting line).
  • Ratios (calculating ratios used in screw design and intensification ratios for hydraulic machines).
  • Volume (calculating volumetric shot size and barrel capacity using a volume formula triangle).

Creators of Math for Molders are excited about providing math instruction in a way that works the schedules of molders. The online nature of the course makes it possible for molders to get the training over whatever period of time works for them, whether it’s a few days or weeks.

RJG will no longer offer face-to-face Math for Molders classes in English. Until other languages are available in the eLearning course, consultants are able to provide in-plant training in Spanish, Mandarin, German and French. RJG hopes to complete Spanish, British English (with the metric system) and Mandarin versions sometime in the next year.

For more information and to register for the class, please visit the course page at RJG Inc. online.

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