Omegasonics Opens Manufacturing Plant in Washington State

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The company is opening a new plant to manage needs for additional product, staff and capacity.


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Omegasonics announced that it is expanding and has opened a manufacturing plant in Ferndale, Washington. The expansion is in response to Omegasonics’s steady business growth across the country in all industry sectors in addition to its release of several new products. According to Frank Pedeflous, president of Omegasonics, sales of its ultrasonic cleaning systems grew by 20 percent in the last 2 years, prompting the need for additional production, staff and capacity.

The 4,000 square-foot plant is the firm’s second production facility and will employ five staff members who will fabricate several of Omegasonics’s ultrasonic cleaning machines. The company plans to place staff that can get the facility up and running quickly. The company believes that the plant will help Omegasonics respond to strong demand for disaster restoration services cleaning equipment. Omegasonics anticipates growing in staff, sales and product development in 2018 an on.


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