New Website Delivers an Array of Spray Nozzle Information

BEX has announced the launch of its newly designed website.

BEX Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of industrial spray nozzles has announced the launch of its newly designed website (  The new site, with its clear page layout and easy to follow menus is designed to simplify the understanding of the various types of spray nozzles that are used in industry.

The site provides an overview of the company’s history as well as information related to its spray nozzles, educators and nozzle accessories. Technical information is presented as it relates to spray nozzle selection, the chemical compatibilities with various nozzle offerings and a troubleshooting/common problems section associated with spray nozzle usage. For navigation ease, the site includes illustrated portals that allow users to continuously narrow their search from a main product group, to different styles within a group. 

"We wanted to create a platform which our customers can benefit from in their everyday work", explains Derek Bowen, Bex president. "For our customers, being knowledgeable in understanding industrial spray nozzles is essential for ensuring smooth cooperation.”

BEX, a manufacturer of spray nozzles, is a leader in providing unique and patented technology to improve spray application quality and reduce maintenance. For over 50 years BEX design and development team has provided answers to tough application questions in a variety of industries. The company’s focus is on quality products, competitive pricing and fast delivery. Its ongoing commitment to research and development provides the basis for its ability to provide products that meet the changing needs of the industrial environment.