New President at Husky Global Beverage Packaging

Gerardo Chiaia recently served as president of the company’s hot runners and controllers division.

Husky Injection Molding Systems (Bolton, Ontario) has announced that Gerardo Chiaia will take on the new role of President of Global Beverage Packaging for Husky. In this role, Mr. Chiaia will be focused on continuing to grow the business through ongoing development of new technologies and continued delivery of value-adding solutions for customers. 

Since joining Husky in 1994, Mr. Chiaia has held positions of increasing responsibility across service, sales and manufacturing operations. Having previously held the role of Vice President Beverage Packaging, Mr. Chiaia brings great leadership and experience to many areas of this business, as well as a deep customer focus and passion for delivering on commitments, the company says. He most recently served as the President of Hot Runners and Controllers, where he was able to leverage his extensive experience to significantly drive growth and strengthen customer relationships. Mr. Chiaia holds a Master’s in Engineering and Automation from Metz University in France and an MBA from Sacred Heart University in Luxembourg.

Over the past several years, Husky has continued to make significant investments to its Beverage Packaging business, focusing on a steady cadence of innovation every 18 to 24 months. At NPE 2015, Husky showcased a multi-layer barrier module for its HyPET® HPP5 preform manufacturing system, as well as new technologies including the self-cleaning mold and mold alignment. In addition to new technologies, Husky is also actively working with customers to maintain and renew their existing assets.

In 2013, Husky established Hot Runners and Controllers as its own standalone business under the leadership of Mr. Chiaia. Stefano Mirti, General Manager of Hot Runner and Controller Operations, will lead the organization during this transition maintaining a continued focus on growth, delivering customer value and industry-leading product innovation. Having joined Husky in 1995, Mr. Mirti has a breadth of experience in various global roles throughout the organization, having worked in Hot Runners and Controllers, Operations, as well as Sales and Service. He holds an Engineering degree from Ecole des Mines de Nancy in France and an MBA from Sacred Heart University in Luxembourg.

Recent investments to Husky’s Hot Runners and Controllers business include the introduction of the Unify, a pre-assembled manifold system to support automotive customers, Altanium Servo Control, an offering designed to provide increased controller functionality, and UltraHelix valve gate nozzles, which are said to improve gate quality and gate life.  Moving forward, Husky says it plans to continue enhancing areas of its Hot Runners and Controllers business to deliver greater value, increased flexibility and better lead times to customers. This effort includes expanding upon existing product offerings to deliver increased flexibility, enhancing local service and support capabilities, as well as facility investments to speed up delivery times and maximize product quality.