New Leadership at Osco

J.M. Osuna-Diaz “Diaz,” CEO and founder of the runnerless molding system supplier, has announced his retirement and his successor.

After nearly five decades in the plastics industry, J.M. Osuna-Diaz “Diaz,” the CEO and founder of Osco Runnerless Molding, is calling it a day. With the announcement of his retirement, Diaz sold the company to Jane Johnson, president, who has been with Osco since its founding in 1982.

Diaz was a key player in the plastics molding industry for more than 47 years. Reportedly known to many as “the crazy inventor,” his desire and ingenuity led to many hot runner patents that bettered the industry, his company, and the local community. In one notable example, he patented the valve gate sequencing controller (VGS) after recognizing the potential molding versatility of opening and closing valve gates independently of one another.

Prior to founding Osco, Diaz’s experience included stints as VP of Engineering at Incoe and as co-owner of RCO Engineering. He also worked for various Detroit/Windsor-area prototyping and molding facilities.