New Interactive 3-D Design for Manufacturability Viewer

QuickCutCNC Launches New Interactive 3-D Design for Manufacturability Viewer.

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QuickCutCNCTM (, the new rapid CNC machining service recently released by custom manufacturing leader Quickparts (, has announced the launch of a new interactive 3-D design for manufacturability (DFM) viewer that is available with every quote.

After submitting their designs for quotation, customers will now receive an interactive 3-D PDF that demonstrates exactly what their machined parts will look like once complete, and eliminates any subjective milling accommodations or unintended design modifications.  Not only is the 3-D DFM convenient and easy to review, it also does not require any supporting CAD or engineering software in order to be viewed. 

“Our customers have really responded favorably when presented with the 3-D DFM,” said Todd Hellman, Business Manager for QuickCutCNC.  “Our commitment is to provide the very latest in technology and innovation to the product development community, and the 3-D DFM is a great technological complement to our long list of available materials and lead times of less than five days.”

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