New Dawn for Manufacturing Careers in America

A Reshoring Initiative Infographic Supports Manufacturing Day 2016

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The Reshoring Initiative is announcing the availability of a new infographic, “New Dawn for Manufacturing Careers in America”, to support the goals of Manufacturing Day 2016. Manufacturing Day, Oct. 7, 2016, “is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.”

“A strong skilled workforce is key to reshoring and manufacturing growth”, says Harry Moser, founder/president of the Reshoring Initiative. He went on to say, “Development of a skilled workforce begins with motivating a higher quantity and quality of recruits. By demonstrating that the trend is now away from offshoring and towards reshoring we make the case that manufacturing is once again a great choice for career stability and growth!” The Infographic mirrors the Reshoring Initiative’s Workforce Development programs, which are designed to motivate recruitment.

By balancing the $800 billion per year manufactured goods trade deficit, the U.S. will add 5 million manufacturing jobs, an increase of 40%. Workforce development is key to the required capacity and competitiveness as explained by Mr. Moser in a recent IMTS press briefing.