National Plastics Center Supports PlastiVan Educational Program

The $200,000 check aims to help the mobile program educate people throughout North America about plastics.

The National Plastics Center presented the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) with a $200,000 check Saturday in support of the PlastiVan education program, which sends “PlastiVans” to schools and companies throughout North America to educate people of all ages about plastic’s chemistry, history, processing, manufacturing, sustainability and applications.

SPE developed and proposed a plan to manage the PlastiVan program which received approval from the National Plastics Center Board. The $200,000 check that SPE received in support of its plan to administer the program comes in addition to a previous check from the board for $47,000 to implement the plan and ensure the growth and future of the PlastiVan program.

The National Plastics Center, a nonprofit institution dedicated to preserving the past, addressing the present and promoting the future of plastics through public education and awareness, recognized SPE for its unwavering commitment to the growth of the PlastiVan program. Jay Gardiner, President, Gardiner Plastics, Inc., who presented the check on behalf of the National Plastics Center Board, said that “the members of the Board feel that SPE, being the premier educational association in the plastics industry, ensures a bright future as the home for the PlastiVan program.”

“The PlastiVan program brings the science of plastics to grades K-12 to both educate and inspire these students to continue with careers in the plastics industry,” Gardiner added.

The check from the National Plastics Center was presented to SPE during the Plastics Pioneers Association’s Winter Meeting, which took place from Feb. 19-22 at the Hotel Palacio del Rio in San Antonio, TX.