National Metalworking Reshoring Award Recognizes Die-Tech, Trenton Forging

The National Metalworking Reshoring Award honors companies that have effectively reshored products, parts or tooling. This year, Die Tech & Engineering and Trenton Forging Co. were recognized.


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Bill Berry, owner of Die Tech & Engineering

Bill Berry, owner of Die Tech & Engineering

It was announced on Oct. 6 that Die-Tech & Engineering (Wyoming, Michigan) and Trenton Forging Co. (TFC; Trenton, Michigan) received the 2020 National Metalworking Reshoring Award in recognition of the success of both companies in bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. The 2020 award was presented virtually on the IMTS Network on September 15, 2020, by Harry Moser, founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative. The award honors companies that have effectively reshored products, parts or tooling made primarily by metal forming, fabricating, casting or machining, including additive manufacturing (AM). It is made possible by the Reshoring Initiative, the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA; Independence, Ohio), The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT; McLean, Virginia), and the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA; Cleveland, Ohio).

Founded in 1967 with a facility built originally from recycled materials, Trenton Forging is said to have been an innovative leader in the forging industry ever since. TFC earned the award by winning a large contract from a Japanese Tier 1 supplier to a U.S.-based Japanese automaker, defeating an offshore forging house. That’s a tough sell!

“Trenton Forging is a tried and true American family-owned business, and we take pride in providing the quality and integrity required to mark its products “Made in U.S.A.,” says Dan Moxlow, director of Market/Process Innovation at Trenton. “We have battled with offshoring for decades, as most U.S. manufacturers have. This product line is a win for Trenton, and a win for American manufacturing. It is an honor to be recognized and awarded the 2020 National Metalworking Reshoring Award.”

Die-Tech & Engineering is a family-owned business that manufactures quality plastic injection molds and casting dies, known for speed and the appropriate use of advanced technology. Die-Tech was chosen for the award because molds and dies are complex, labor-intensive products that many assume are not competitively produced here.

“We are happy to be recognized for our participation in reshoring efforts by our customers. Die-Tech has focused on working with customers trying to bring work back onshore by supporting them with cost-effective tooling solutions, often providing higher-level tooling solutions than their offshore competition can provide,” says Bill Berry, president and owner of Die-Tech & Engineering. “Our ability to collaborate with customers on quick-delivery complex tooling solutions was highlighted by our ability to supply tooling for the production of ventilator components in days, not the expected weeks or months at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. We are proud to be an example of what the U.S. supply chain model can accomplish.”

OEMs and contract manufacturers are encouraged to apply by June 30, 2021 for the 2021 National Metalworking Reshoring Award.

“Reshoring 2010 through 2019 totaled over 700,000 jobs, about 6% of total U.S. manufacturing employment, rebuilding the supply chain,” says Harry Moser, founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative. “Our goal is to reshore millions more jobs.”