MTD Micro Molding Expands Overmolding Capability

MTD Micro Molding expands its overmolding services to serve the growing needs of original equipment manufacturers that produce medical device components.

MTD Micro Molding has made a significant investment to expand its overmolding services. The company recently acquired a new vertical injection molding machine as part of this investment, which has been designed and further customized for a higher capacity of overmolding.

Overmolding involves two or more materials molded together to become one part, such as molding two plastics together or molding plastic around a metal insert. Because overmolding does not require foreign materials like adhesives, it is possible to achieve greater part functionality that is critical to medical devices, like creating a water-resistant seal.

Executive Vice President Gary Hulecki said the investment is in response to a growing need for precision overmolding from the company’s customer base. Original equipment manufacturers benefit from precision overmolding by improving shot-to-shot consistency and overall part quality for their medical device components.

Common medical overmolding components that MTD has produced include catheter tips, suturing devices, sports medicine implants, and orthopedic devices in which a PEEK polymer is molded over or through metal. A more unusual project was a five-piece micro assembly device overmolded with glass-filled LCP liquid crystal polymer.

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