3/27/2019 | 2 MINUTE READ

Moulding Expo Goes Slovenia

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Themed “Tool & Pattern & Mold & You”, the third edition of Europe’s leading moldmaking show will take place from May 21-24 2019 at the Stuttgart show grounds in Germany. For Slovenian tool and moldmakers, MEX is the most important industry event, which is why the country recently played host for the MEX 2019 international press conference.


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The term ‘hidden gem’ gets thrown around a lot when talking about Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It’s partly because we all like to think we have a secret place that few people know about but it’s mainly because, well, barely anyone knows about it.

More than 60 journalists from all over Europe, who convened for the Moulding-Expo (MEX) 2019 press event in Ljublijana in March 2019, now know the little country which is bordered by Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Italy. The position of Slovenia couldn’t be more perfect as you’ve got the seaside, Alpine peaks, rolling hills and sparkling rivers and lakes. The locals joke that in May you could spend the morning skiing on the snowy peaks and then spend the afternoon swimming in the sea.

For the journalists, participating companies, supporters, associations and Moulding-Expo organizer Messe Stuttgart, however, there was no time for sporting and leisure activities. Instead, they learned about the country’s tool and moldmaking industry and how MEX 2019 is shaping up to once again be one of the most important events for everyone involved in moldmaking in Europe.

For the third edition of Europe’s leading moldmaking show at the Stuttgart show grounds in Germany the organizers expect around 700 exhibitors including 330 tool and moldmaking companies. 36 percent of exhibitors come from outside Germany, mainly from Portugal, Italy and Turkey. Visitors come from the automotive sector (41 percent), tool and moldmaking (29 percent), machine and plant manufacturers (23 percent), as well as the plastics processing and metalworking industries.

The third Moulding Expo will run concurrently with the Automotive Show that British UKi Media & Events Ltd. organizes, combining five trade fairs from the automotive supply industry under one roof, including the Automotive Interiors, Automotive Testing, Engine and Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo, as well as the Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo 2019.

"The trade fair is the most important industry event for Slovenian tool and moldmakers. It is a must-attend event, especially for the injection molding sector in Europe," said Dr. Aleš Hančič, Managing Director of Tecos, the Slovenian Tool and Die Development Center. 65 firms of all 170 companies in the industry are represented by Tecos. "Slovenian companies will also naturally attend MEX 2019 as exhibitors, for example on the joint stand of Spirit Slovenia with seven participating companies. Anyone not exhibiting will come to the trade fair as a visitor," said Hančič.

In Slovenia, the tool and moldmaking industry is one of the key industries branches: Slovenia has around 3,000 - 3,500 people employed in toolmaking in around 170 companies who collectively turn over around 400 million euros.

According to Hančič, the Slovenians are looking for new customers or partners for long-term cooperation agreements. "Companies in Europe are growing together. Some German tool and moldmakers have workpieces manufactured in Slovenia, and others entire molds. Over the last few years, the industry has become more communicative. We are talking more intensively with one another, also across national borders. Only if European tool and moldmakers exchange information on production processes and their experiences in adapting new technologies or on the market will they be able to compete against low-wage countries."