Moldex3D Supports Education, Research at Clemson

The company’s recent gift to the university includes software and various modules for training and research purposes in an automotive engineering program.

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CoreTech System (Moldex3D) Co., as supplier of 3D CAE simulation solutions, recently announced a donation of a $1.625 million gift to support education and research at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR).

The gift includes 25 seats of the latest Moldex3D Advanced package and Solution Added-on modules including Fiber and MuCell that will provide hands-on training for students, faculty and professionals in Clemson’s Automotive Engineering Academic Program. Clemson will be one of the first universities in the Southeast that incorporate Moldex3D into their academic curriculum and training for industry personnel.

Dr. Anthony Yang, President of Moldex3D Northern America, says it is the company’s responsibility to assist the academic world in nurturing the next generation by offering its state-of-the-art simulation technologies and resources. “We are truly pleased for the opportunity to partner with Clemson University, which has one of the most elite automotive engineering programs in the world, to help students gain more practical hands-on CAE experiences and further equip them with a viable simulation ability to compete in the future job market,” he said.

The software will advance Assistant Professor Srikanth Pilla’s research and educational capabilities in injection molding, specifically on supercritical fluid assisted foam injection molding. “This gift enhances the unique capabilities that we can do in my research lab at CU-ICAR and will prepare students for industry with hands-on experience,” Pilla says. “When using thermoplastic materials for body panels, interior parts and other components, injection molding with Moldex3D software is an important technology.”

“Moldex3D’s simulation capability advances the fundamental understanding of my research lab’s experimental research and reduces overall costs by being able to understand process physics and properties involved prior to physical experimentation,” Pilla adds. “With existing experimental infrastructure that includes the nation’s only integrated MuCell® molding machine, this gift will further position Clemson and our lab at the forefront of injection molding research and training.”

According to the Dean of Clemson’s College of Engineering and Science, Anand Gramopadhye, the college’s strategic plan calls for providing cutting-edge translational research experiences for its students. “This software gift from Moldex3D will help us meet this strategic objective, while allowing Dr. Pilla to significantly advance his research in injection molding, thereby providing unique real-world experiences for our students,” said Gramopadhye.  

Dr. Anthony Yang, President of Moldex3D Northern America further added that the software donation is just the beginning of this joint collaboration. “We believe that both Moldex3D and Clemson will benefit greatly from this collaboration and we are confident that this will continue to move forward with efforts from both sides,” he says.