Moldex3D Announced as SPE Preferred Partner

Moldex3D has been recognized by the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) for demonstrated leadership and innovation in the plastics industry.


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Moldex3D, SPE Preferred Partner

Photo Credit: Moldex3D

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE, Brookfield, Connecticut) announced on Oct. 1 that CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D, Naperville, Illinois) is an SPE Preferred Partner. An SPE Preferred Partner is a converter, manufacturer, solutions provider, or product distributor that has been recognized by SPE for demonstrated leadership and innovation in the plastics industry. The products and services of said company are valuable to SPE’s members.

“We are excited about adding a Preferred Partner that offers plastic injection molding simulation and provides advanced technologies and solutions for industrial demands,” says Michael Greskiewicz, SPE’s director, Sales and Advertising. “With Moldex3D’s participation in our Preferred Partner program, we’re looking forward to continued growth of this program for our members.”

Founded in 1995, Moldex3D has been dedicated to developing the analysis technology with true simulation and accurate prediction capabilities for plastic molding industries. Moldex3D reports that it has found an ideal match between prediction and end-result before real manufacturing, helping enterprises reduce painstaking trial-and-error, shorten time-to-market and maximize product return on investment (ROI).

The accuracy and usability of Moldex3D enable it to obtain a high market share in Europe, America and Asia. Moldex3D is also elected as the key molding simulation core by top CAD/CAE/CAM software including Siemens NX, PTC Creo, MSC DigimatRP and Cimatron. Moreover, Moldex3D has received numerous recognitions such as “James L. White Innovation” from International Polymer Processing (PPS) in 2015, the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2016 and the Aoki Katashi Innovation Award in 2019.

Today, Moldex3D plays a pioneering role in plastics simulation solutions, and still strives hard in helping industries realize smart molding and the digital twin. With the niche technology provided by Moldex3D, enterprises can take on the trend of Industry 4.0 and achieve a higher level of smart manufacturing.

“We are honored to be named as an SPE Preferred Partner,” says Dr. Rong-Yeu Chang, Moldex3D CEO and a Fellow of SPE. “Providing global customers with advanced and innovative technologies and services has always been Moldex3D’s mission. SPE’s recognition certainly gives us more momentum to assist industries to level up their competitiveness in the ever-changing global market.”