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Mold Shot Counter Automates Data Entry for Samsung Electronics

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Samsung Electronics says that the benefit of eShotLink from Emoldino is that SE knows the location and status of its molds.


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Samsung Electronics (SE) was searching for a solution to solve both in-house and suppliers’ part-production visibility to support its end-product production. Up until the implementation of eShotLink in 2013, SE was gathering both in-house and suppliers’ parts production data manually. This data was manually fed into the SE mold management system. SE’s biggest issue with its manual parts-production data entry system was its dependency of data entry by suppliers and in-house parts producers. Inaccurate and unreliable data was prevalent.

SE needed a wireless mold shot counter that could capture and gather parts-production data automatically and integrate it into its mold management system. With the implementation of eShotLink from Emoldino, SE’s finished product manufacturing division was able to have clear visibility of parts-production information to support its final product-production scheduling and improve its time-to-market strategy. eShotLink makes it possible for SE to obtain accurate and reliable data. Suppliers do not need to input mold activity data because it is fed into the SE system automatically.

SE collaborated with Emoldino back in 2011 to develop the world’s first wireless digital mold shot counter. After two years of R&D, eShotLink was introduced to SE in 2013. eShotLink wireless shot counters were installed to SE molds and distributed to its thousands of part producers around the world. SE is now able to automatically collect, monitor and analyze its mold data online to have clear visibility of parts-production data across its global in-house parts producing manufacturing sites and parts suppliers around the world. SE has installed about 80,000 eShotLinks since 2013 to complement its manufacturing system. 

SE says that most of its suppliers and plants are overseas and that the benefit of eShotLink is that it knows the location and status of its molds and that it has an automated and more accurate process. eShotLink was finally introduced to the global market in 2016. Emoldino’s clients include HP and Amore Pacific (AP). New features of eShotLink include a simple setup procedure (placing eShotLink to its predetermined slot and turning it on) and seamless ERP connectivity APIs to simplify the implementation process. HP and AP use eShotLink to monitor both in-house manufacturing sites and supplier parts-production visibility.

Secondary benefits of eShotLink include online mold shot count and cycle time, which enables automatic PM alerts and execution measurements. Online mold shot count and cycle time also enables visibility to both inhouse and suppliers’ mold life cycle and to the number of molds in operation or in inventory through the mold management system. Emoldino says that online mold shot count and cycle time can be used to track and monitor a mold’s design benchmark performance data, which users can compare to actual mold performance data. Further, the company says that tracking past performance data and the benchmarking of design performance differences and analytics provides insights to support strategic sourcing decisions. Mold location tracking helps prevent unauthorized usage and assists in effective asset management. Emoldino says that accurate data on its suppliers’ performance track records and internal corporate data can lead to better supplier relationship management.


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