MME group Upgrades Extensive Lineup of Molding Machines

MME group is pleased to announce the addition of a new 56 ton Sumitomo-Demag molding machine.

MME group is pleased to announce the addition of a new 56-ton Sumitomo-Demag molding machine.The transaction was completed last month and the new machine will be installed and operational this month.
It replaces an older 35-ton press. The Sumitomo-Demag SE-EV 56-ton all-electric injection molding machine will provide MME group with improved precision, energy efficiency and molding stability. The new machine includes a variety of innovative features such as Z-molding capabilities, which provides increased molding precision with low pressure filling and reduced clamp force. This will help MME group deliver zero-defect molding. 
This all-electric model achieves a 20-percent reduction in energy use. This is accomplished via improvements in rotational resistance, decreased friction, increased heat efficiency and a new toggle linkage lock-up mechanism that uses no electricity to hold the clamp closed.
“The new press will handle larger, more complex and heavier molds,” says MME group owner Brian Bussmann. “We are committed to continuous improvement of our facilities and equipment. This upgrade supports that objective and helps us to meet growing client demand for more advanced custom molding processes."
Additionally, the new machine includes an SL screw assembly. This state-of-theart plasticizing system reduces shear heat, improves stability, prevents burn spots and allows for faster color or resin change-out. MME group provides turnkey manufacturing solutions for mechanical assemblies of small to medium-sized products.