10/29/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Mitutoyo America Announces Grand Opening

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The Mitutoyo America Corp. M3 Solution Center opened on October 25, in Mason, Ohio.

The Mitutoyo America Corp. M3 Solution Center opened on October 25, 2018 in Mason, Ohio. The 13,500-square-foot facility is located for customers to schedule product demonstrations, assistance with application challenges and metrology solutions, as well as product and educational training seminars.

The M3 Solution Center offers complete solution services on all of the latest metrology technological advances. The showroom features the Mach Ko-Ga-Me system, a Mach 3A CMM, QV Active, Crysta-Apex EX five-axis CNC CMM with PH20, optical comparator with M2-2D interface, the U-Wave fit, and the HR-530 hardness tester.

During the celebration, attendees had the opportunity to tour the facility and take part in several product demonstrations, including:

  • Interactive Tool Table: The innovative tool display provided a look at tool specifications and allowed attendees to interact with individual products.
  • Automated Metrology Solutions: Engineering team displays shop floor integration solutions, automated measurement cell technology and custom measurement solutions.
  • Vision Systems for High Accuracy Measurement: A demonstration on QV Active release, PFF, QV stream system technology and touch probe, optional software releases, micro technology and white light interferometry.
  • Introduction to Electronic Data Collection and Real-Time SPC: The full capabilities of MeasurLink SPC data collection software. Demonstrations included data collection using USB direct cables, wireless transmitters and USB multiplexers.
  • Fundamentals of Surface Roughness: With more than 100 ways to measure a surface and analyze results, it's no wonder there is confusion when it comes to surface analysis. During this demonstration, attendees learned what surface analysis is and the necessary calibration steps.


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