Milacron and iMFLUX Sign Agreement to Change Molding

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Milacron Corp. announces a distribution agreement with iMFLUX.

Milacron Corp. announces a distribution agreement with iMFLUX. Through this distribution agreement, Milacron will integrate iMFLUX into its injection machine controls with native user interface (UI) and screens.

The Milacron M-Powered iMFLUX module plans to reshape the molding industry. Milacron will include the module directly in a customer’s new machine or upgrade most existing Milacron injection molding machines.

The iMFLUX module and molding technology enables real-time adjustments to mold and material changes. This coupled with other M-Powered analytical tools are designed to assist in improving OEE, offer resin flexibility and correct common operational issues through adaptive process control. When coupled with existing M-Powered applications, iMFLUX allows data to be collected and analyzed to improve performance and OEE through increased productivity, reduced scrap, improved quality, and the ability to automatically compensate for changing conditions. Molders are said to increase productivity by 50 percent on existing injection molding machines. The process is ideal for most molding applications, but is ideal for wide specification materials and recycled materials.


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