Meusburger Group Takes Over Segoni

Meusburger Group will be taking over Segoni. The software specialist will continue as an independent enterprise and all employees will be retained.

The Meusburger Group is taking over Segoni, which will continue as an independent enterprise. The Meusburger Group will make long-term investments in the further development of Segoni software. Meusburger says that because of the takeover of Segoni, customers of the Meusburger Group will also have extensive support through the digitalization process in the areas of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and production planning and control system (PPS) software.

Segoni is active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the area of ERP/PPS software for medium-sized companies. Its many customers are manufacturing companies with individual production structures, from the areas of mold, die and jigs and fixtures construction. Segoni offers solutions for efficient corporate management. The range of products and services are tailored to the requirements of the companies and contain everything involving planning, calculation, deadline and capacity planning and purchasing and warehouse management.

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