Met-L-Flo Announces Production Partnership with Carbon 3D

Met-L-Flo announces a new production partnership with Carbon 3D.


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Met-L-Flo Inc., a 3D printing and rapid prototyping service bureau, is now a production partner with Carbon 3D, a Silicon Valley-based digital 3D manufacturing company. They announced the partnership at the 30th anniversary of the Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference 2018, and it is effective immediately.

Carbon’s digital 3D manufacturing solution is regarded as the most advanced form of new manufacturing technologies, working at the intersection of hardware, software and molecular science. Its SpeedCellä system and Digital Light Synthesisä technology uses digital light projection, oxygen permeable optics and programmable liquid resins to produce parts with exceptional mechanical properties, resolution and surface finish. The Carbon M-2 Series printer will enable the development of isotropic parts and properties. Parts will now retain consistent strength throughout when force is applied at any direction to the mechanics of the part.

For more information on how to purchase any parts produced on the Carbon M-2, visit Met-L-Flo online.